So i got bored and decided to make a masterpost of literally everything to do with themes, thememaking, blog customising and html in general. to make it easier for you to navigate, ive put a contents list - i promise i’m not desperate for page views or whatever, this post is genuinely huge.
to find each section listed in these contents or whatever specific thing youre looking for just do a page search (if you dont know how to do a page search click your current browser for a tutorial: chrome, explorer, safari, firefox, ios and android)

finding themes - blogs, networks, thememakers, huge list of page themes (about 20 links per type)

thememaking - base codes, general help, how to make a theme tutorials

customising (everyone) - blogs, popular tutorials, blog additions, updates tabs

customising (experienced coders/thememakers) -websites, layout, features

aesthetics - popular, text decoration/add ons, cursors/effects

resources - sidebars, transparent images, updates tab dividers, backgrounds, back to top buttons, transparent blogs, pixels
so yep youre welcome enjoy and let me know if any links are broken xxalso heres my massive themes rec & my themes (+resources) blog(special thanks to natalie for making this fab banner, shes amazing)

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